Bed & Breakfast De Gusto

In the section what do you do for a living I will talk to Sylvia House about the field and you run a bed and breakfast in Schiedam and it was open on Saturday which is true so that we can still feel good because my bed and breakfast is fine, where we stayed in bed and breakfast in Zierikzee for about seven years and it turns out that it is going well and we think it is very beautiful and this property was already owned and what you can do a nice thing about a bed and breakfast is a protector because you want facilities modern and how difficult the national monument has become, and it was actually a ruin in the meantime, but if you build then you have to meet all kinds of legal requirements again to apply for a permit two and a half years, so it was difficult, but to end with a great result and you have to recycle a lot of things, so a lot of what came out and dug is gone again those that are good services for their bed and breakfast, a good bed a good breakfast and yes, we also say what we offer is a room worthy of a hotel and yet bed and breakfast.

With clients who are looking for privacy, they choose a bed and breakfast not so much on a hotel, which means that they are still looking for more personality and because it is a little on a small scale we have a bed and living room with 8 rooms but also bed and breakfast to the people at home although I think there are still many people who like to be a little more like themselves, but there is a little more personal touch I think you think it looks like I already told you that we have also a construction company next door and this means getting up early, so we go to school early and we always do business, but from the beginning the customer enters and then the customer enters here well then we are welcome and if they want something to drink, we will show the room and explain how things work with access to the rooms and the general area and therefore people can get the key to them and soon their code with which they can always enter and therefore they can get advice. and they want it and therefore can indicate how last breakfast they can go on their way.

I wanted to ask Schiedam for some advice, we already have many suggestions also on our website, we have certainly also collaborated with the tourist information center. now we have many tips on the website, the whisper boat is really fantastic for here because it stops at least four times a day to watch this property here very nice text even on the side of the neighbors which is then seen good restaurants nice restaurants the museum obviously is absolutely incredible that I did this year even then they won the museum’s award of the year, so among other things there is much more to see of course if the customer is very critical for now what is often a point of criticism in you should be very careful if the experience is so clean it is very important I think therefore you should also offer a customer but it is very important yes, I still think also a good bed and a good breakfast which are the basic elements and and must be cleaned but it must also be washed again having the name the mind if not only chosen where the idea comes from and that idea comes from my husband.

Yes, I was so wanted for my husband he absolutely had invented the pigeon house because he lived thousands of pigeons and we also have the bed and breakfast the barn that came from an old barn but he thought that it was too simple and since Schiedam was actually in the sign of course of growth, he was also next to the gin that is now being carried on and to the way we found your time to bring up something else that also made him very big he knows a hotel often a night porter where you can enter if you want it to be different here are a bit ‘the rules of the house do not have a night porter the rules of the house is indeed in reality for mutual respect and breakfast from 9:30 to 10 and again or a breakfast, then I have to reconsider why the gin at breakfast is not possible, so I have to do some other things that we think we can serve n for now we have a good breakfast buffet since we are used to also serve in other bed and breakfasts.